This process is a time of reflection within the body, which not only brings clarity and understanding, but also offers the chance of a choice towards healing, indicating the potential for change.
The client is invited to share their experiences, in their own time, thus promoting mind-body interaction and facilitating the resolution of emerging issues.
After a brief verbal introduction, the client, who is wearing comfortable clothes so as to feel at ease, is invited to lie down comfortably on the treatment table.

The client is invited to contact their body and let go in the here and now. The practitioner’s hands are placed on various parts of the body and head with a very delicate touch, for varying lengths of time. With a gentle touch and listening deeply to the internal rhythms, the practitioner encourages the body’s capacity for self-correction and facilitates the release of tensions using appropriate methods for supporting and nurturing the body’s own natural expression.
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✓ the session
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During the session, it is possibile to enter into a state of deep relaxation, allowing the release of tension and stiffness. In some cases, clients may even experience changes in the perception of the body and their posture. The client can see those changes which represent the beginning of the process of "physiological reorganisation" taking place in the brain, the tissues and the body's biochemistry.

Through the release of tensions in the tissues and body fluids, there is a general improvement in the health and functioning of the body. Frequently, at the end of a treatment, the client feels lighter and at the same time more grounded, more in touch with themselves.
A session normally lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and at the beginning it is advisable to have a treatment every 7-14 days.

Craniosacral Biodynamics, with its very delicate touch, is particularly suitable for children, elderly people and those in fragile states or experiencing acute pain or stress-related issues. It helps newborn babies and mothers overcome the effects of birth difficulties and an improvement in over all well-being. The action of the forces of health restoring the human being’s natural blueprint facilitates the return to proper functioning, increases vitality and allows the body to carry out its processes of self-correction.