In order to work with these principles, the practitioner co-operates with the client’s system, their individual programme and their living impulse to return to Health.

In an attitude of listening to the system, it is necessary to relate to the client with respect, acceptance and a sense of reverence, honouring the maturity and the ability to heal that are present in each of us. In this relationship of trust, the system can settle and be open to co-operation.

"Focus on stillness and allow physiologic function within to manifest its own unerring potency rather than apply a blind force from without." (W.G. Sutherland)

It is important to focus on a sense of connection and peace, on the State of Balance which is the central organizing principle of the system  thus supporting the process that stimulates a healing that comes from within, the process of realignment,  reorganisation and self-correction.

It is not a question of what the practitioner can do for the client, but rather what the practitioner can do to offer the client the ability to access the health present within themselves.

During a session, the practitioner helps restore the State of Balance. The quality of involuntary mobility, motility and the impulse of the fluids in areas of tension begins its gradual return to a State of Health. It is not simply a question of making a correction: by dissolving the forces of inertia, the State of Balance reorganises itself, moving towards a more balanced physiological functioning: health belongs to the present, it is here now, it is the constant principle bringing order which constantly organises and recreates the human body.
Dr. Rollin E. Becker defined the biodynamic principle as "working with the inherent mechanism within the problem."

According to the biodynamic principle, contact is made with the forces at work inherent to the system, those forces which underlie and organise the functioning of the whole and which act as the guiding principles of the organism. By co-operating with these forces, contact is made with the internal resources of well-being; the body's physiology is organized by these principles in each of us and through them there is the possibility of a self-correction of inert forces linked to certain themes of the individual’s story.
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