craniosacral is...
It’s a subtle, deep and intimate experience that penetrates with a suprising sweetness and ease, not only on the physical plane but in the real “heart” of ourselves, touching the strings that have long been waiting to vibrate to give your  pulsating emotions the rhythm of the dance inside your spine…

Giancarlo, 46 

It’s a dive into the body,  discovering the underwater landscapes that have been neglected for years.. It’s the body that teaches, that learns, that rebalances itself. It’s getting in touch with the body’s fluidity in a state of deep inner slience, a spontaneous and unexpected observation of what is happening in our inner world.

Virginio, 32

Before beginning Craniosacral Biodynamics I struggled against my body since I considered it to be the cause of my discomfort. After a few sessions I discovered, perhaps for the first time, to listen to my body, the physical pain that I had became a sign to help me understand that my body was not my enemy but a travelling companion which was able to reveal unexpected depth and friendship.

Fabrizio, 26
On a stormy day which is stronger, the Oak or the Rush?

Eleonora, 9
The effects are noticeable and immediate. They have touched every corner of my life. I feel present, alive, strong and full of resources. I now know how to find my inner well-being, which is a gift for life.

Tara, 32

It’s a fascinating experience, To observe and experience both a holistic and scientific methodology at the same time, and it gave me permission to get back in touch with parts of myself that had long been forgetten.

Silvio, 28

It’s an inward journey and the destination of such a journey is non other than finding the inner silence of oneself.

Elena, 37

It’s a delicate and gentle touch that has finally allowed my back to breathe.

Vinci, 60
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